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smart lunch break

How about food?

Welcome to Piatto di daily weekly schedule! What do we have for lunch today? :-) Take the Piatto di daily from Monday to Friday. No matter wether with colleagues, business partners or rather alone.

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Risotto | aspargus | shrimps EUR 8,90

Pasta | italian sausage | peas EUR 8,90

Pizza margherita EUR 8,90

Rigatoni | bacon | onions | tomatosauce EUR 8,90

Sea bream | oven baked vegeteables EUR 8,90

Piatto di Daily

The smart lunch break with daily changing dishes from 12:00 - 02:00 PM at EUR 8,90 or would you prefer pizza? Available from EUR 8,50.

Allergens on request from our F&B team | Edenred vouchers are accepted
***Currently there may be deviations in the offer***
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